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This Win Spy Review will describe why the Win Spy app is excellent for monitoring others’ laptops and PCs and also will explain how to spy Android phone from PC.


Upsides Win Spy

Spy App For PC:

The feature list of Winspy makes it the leader of the spy facility market. It will intercept and show any information you need to find on any computer. It is the best laptop spy software as well as facility for Android monitoring. Besides, numerous tutoring videos on its use will teach you to use in no time at all.

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Android Monitor Tool:

Win-Spy  is extremely powerful and will be rivaled only by very advanced and expensive dedicate phone spy software.

Help:  You will definitely get efficient assistance in any situation if you ask our support staff for it. Besides, you are safeguarded from money loss as you can request your money back during 30 days from purchase date.

Costs: this is definitely the most affordable and powerful tool on the market. For only $39.95 you will get a perfect match for your highest expectations. It is win-win deal!


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What is in a gist Win-Spy facility?

This is sleek and sophisticated tool to  monitor other people’s computers and laptops.  it is discreet and cannot be detected.

Feature list

  • circumvents firewall or router
  •  codes its communication while making direct connect/reaching by email/by FTP
  • hidden anti-virus
  • not visible during Windows launch or in Task Manager
  • runs discreetly
  • conceals its files.

Right now Winspy is the most advanced software on the market. Computer monitoring software reviews recommend it unanimously.

You can find more info about the facility here.

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Why might I need Win Spy software?

The advanced Win-Spy feature set means that you can:

  • – access web camera on a computer or laptop anytime you need
  •  – have microphone access
  • – take picture of the target screen
  • – browse email, chats, history and what’s not
  • – guarantee kids protection and employees monitor effect

The full package of services includes total set of powerful monitor tools for only $39.95. These tools are:

  • – Monitoring access for 10 Remote PC’s
  • – 2 packages for tracking Android devices  (Bonus)
  • – installation on 1 accessible computer (Bonus)

So actually Win Spy is a perfect solution for a person in need of a spying feature that works real time on computer and Android. More than 200,000 people are happy owners of this spying facility. Join them!

Win Spy Monitor tools for computer

  1. Remote access to web camera You can turn on the camera and follow what happens on a computer from any point in the world. Everything happens in real time, the app turn on remotely by IE.
  2. Use of microphone feature You can also turn on the mic remotely via Internet. Voice monitoring activity may be illegal so please consult a lawyer before using it. You can always listen to chats going on around a computer  under a monitor cloud. Using both mike and the camera opportunities facilitates controlling your kids and employees.
  3. Private chats monitoring featureBoth kids and adults love chatting in different apps. Many virtual events and chats happen in Facebook or Skype so browsing through them is also necessary. Winspy offers this opportunity too.

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The app also allows you to monitor other content.

You can see the full description of working feature set below:

Win Spy PC picture

Winspy Monitoring tools for Android gadgets

This is undoubtedly the most advanced and sophisticated tracking facility for a laptop or desktop computer. Yet you can employ it to track smartphone activities as well. Among the largest and most progressive benefits of the app are:

– Recording feature for calls

– Recording feature for surrounding noise

Not many top market spying apps possess these capacities.  Besides this facility performs many other tracking activities required by employers by parents, like checking social media activity, following routes of movement, etc.  It is a great feeling of support to have them all in one place.

The price of the full package for a good dozen of licenses in total (2 Android licenses as well as 10 Remote and 1 Local PC) beats app any other spying rival other companies may offer. It is $39.95, just imagine!
Value for Money Win Spy

Please find the enumeration of all phone tracking capacities below.

Win spy picture

Does the facility offer guarantees of quality?

You can be perfectly sure our software will not cause you any troubles. More than 200,000 satisfied customers experienced performance and technical excellence of the software the developers offer. They enjoyed flawless support work of our customer care as well.

Am I protected against purchase and product satisfaction risks?

The developers legally guarantee that you are entitled to complete moneyback during 30 days starting was the date of purchase. Developers are proud to present software of unparalleled quality so they create this perfect guarantee for you. You risk absolutely nothing.
2Win Spy Support Facility

The well trained support stuff will guide you through any complexities you may encounter (which is hardly possible). They are available all week 24 hours a day. Their help is free and they are willing to help. Reach them via email [email protected]

Or drop a message to the administrator of the team. The additional mail is  [email protected]

Summary Message on Win-Spy

This review  was created to give you a clue about the capacities and high performance of the software used to monitor laptops and PCs. The tool is equally good for running surveillance on Android smartphones belonging to your kids and employees. Taking into consideration the scope of feature the app hosts its price seems more than reasonable. Money back guarantee is a true sign of highly reputable company and its excellent tracking facility. So if you are ready to take control over safety of your kids and business then proceed to this software page.

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