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Software Website: http://vspyme.com/

vSpyMe is called ‘the world’s best mobile spy software’ on its official website. However, this tracking application is far from being the top one. It offers some advanced features but the quality of service does not correspond to the rate they charge.

It is stated that vSpyMe is compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian phones. In fact, it supports only some phone models (not the newest ones). So, before installing this app, make sure that it will run on a targeted mobile device.

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Compatibility and Overview

When it comes to features, you get a standard set: call and short text messages monitoring, browsing history and email checking, instant messenger interception, access to photos & videos, address books and agenda. There is  good news for aspiring spies. The app also gives you some advanced monitoring capabilities, such as:

  • Key logging (you see everything a user types on his/her phone, be it a password or a message);
  • Listening to and recording the surroundings (note that the quality of recording is low, so you won’t hear much);
  • Call recording (this feature allows recording important calls, i.e. if your employee trades a company information to your competitor);
  • Skype call recording;
  • Blocking capability (it’s possible to block and uninstall applications).

The list of advanced features is quite appealing. However, you should consider whether you need all the monitoring tools, as some of them are truly useless.

GPS Location Tracking

It is possible to track the whereabouts of your targeted person with this app. However, the red marked phone should be connected to the Internet, so that you would see the location in real time.


To get an answer to your question, you can either fill in a contact form or send them an email. Also, there is a contact phone listed on the website.

Please note that the website does not work properly. You can open its saved copy. Hopefully, the company will take due measures to fix it. If not, this software cannot be recommended.

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Price/Quality Correlation

Depending on your spying purpose and available budget, there are several packages to choose from: Home Basic ($50/3 months), Home Premium ($200/per year), Business Basic ($40/ 3 months) and Business Premium ($175/ per year).

If you are buying the app for your business, it will cost you a pretty penny. The minimum order for a business package is five subscriptions, which costs $40-$175 each, depending on the time period.

Overall, you don’t get the best value for money as some features are useless. Also, the app works properly only on some devices.

Positive Features of vSpyMe

  • vSpyMe incorporates a range of features for basic and advanced monitoring.
  • There are several subscription packages for home and business.
  • You can try a demo version before purchasing the app.

Negative Features of vSpyMe

  • When monitoring several phones, you need multiple subscriptions.
  • The website does not work well, so it is quite risky to place an order.
  • The does not work well on some devices.


vSpyMe offers an attractive range of monitoring capabilities for home and business. However, advanced packages cost a lot. So, you should carefully analyze whether you need all the above listed features and have enough money for a purchase. Also, keep in mind that the company has major problems with its website, so it may not be the right time to buy from them now.

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