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Marketed as a phone-monitoring app for Android, SpyPhoneTap is also compatible with Windows, BlackBerry and iOS phones. The app offers quite a standard set of features for an average price.  SpyPhoneTap provides a different monitoring tools (and sets different prices) for different mobile phones. In fact, it is very confusing, especially if you are monitoring several phones with various OS.

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Reporting and Logging

Since monitoring capabilities of the app change in accordance with a phone model and operating system, it is hard to come up with a distinct list of features you get when buying SpyPhoneTap. The general characteristics include:

  • Ease of installation (the app can be installed in a few minutes on a jailbroken device);
  • Call and SMS interception (for incoming and outgoing messages and calls);
  • Remote phone rebooting.

Advanced packages also allow:

  • Call recording;
  • Text forwarding;
  • Email logging;
  • Live screen capture;
  • Spying on photos and videos;
  • Listening to the surroundings

It is stated that SpyPhoneTap does not need constant internet connection. However, if the target phone is not connected to Internet, all the reports are sent with a significant delay. It is simply unacceptable, if you need to know what a targeted person is doing at this very moment.

GPS Location Tracking Feature

You can track a location of a target person with SpyPhoneTap. But unless you have a premium package subscription, you will just see the location of a phone to the closest cell tower. Such coordinates are not very precise.

Blocking Capability

There is no blocking features, so you won’t be able to prevent your child from accessing undesirable web content and installing questionable apps.

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If you face any problems with the software or have questions, the best way to reach the company is by sending them an online request. However, it may take a couple of hours (or even days) to get a reply. There is also a contact phone, which does not work.

Value for Money

Regardless of your phone model, you can choose from three subscription packages: Basic, Pro and Full Pack. The prices start from $149 and go up to $449. The license is given for a lifetime. However, if the app does not work or is not compatible with a phone for any reason, you just waste your money. Furthermore, you can find more affordable apps on the market.


The app offers the following benefits:

  • A range of subscription packages;
  • Compatibility with major mobile OS;
  • Possibility to reboot a phone remotely.

SpyPhoneTap’s Negative Features

The drawbacks of SpyPhoneTap include:

  • High prices;
  • Only life-time subscriptions;
  • Slow customer support;
  • Deficient set of features in comparison to some competitors.

Cell Phones Spy Supported

The app supports Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows mobile OS.


SpyPhoneTap can be a good choice for those who can spend a fortune on quite an average monitoring app. Yes, you will get a lifetime subscription, but in case of technical difficulties, it will be hard to fix the app or get your money back. Therefore, it is up to you to decide.

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