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THE GOOD – PhoneSheriff has the best control features when compared to competitors on the market.

THE BAD – Live phone call recording feature is not supported.

PhoneSheriff is a key tool of the new generation of mobile phone spying software. This great tool can help you with parental control features as well. With PhoneSheriff you will easily monitor, track and collect numerous important files and other data. You will be aware of your children and employees’ activities by tracking their phones with this spy tracker app. This small app simply needs to be installed on the target phone. Once installed, it will start to monitor and collect required information about the phone owner’s activities.

Moreover, after installation of the application, you will be able to put needed restrictions on particular phone numbers, web sites or some other content. The software will assist you in recording of user activities, including call info, GPS location, SMS messages and multimedia. All this features will be available online via a protected control panel.

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All data about user activities will be recorded and directed to your Phone Sheriff account. The access to account you can gain from any place worldwide via the Internet.

Why choosing PhoneSheriff among other similar software?

PhoneSheriff software was created firstly to monitor activities on Windows Mobile, iPhones and Android-based devices. They were the exact people who made the spyware so popular and needed. High mass media, radio and press attention to the program showed its effectiveness and usefulness. Besides, the company is the North-Eastern Florida Better Business Bureau’s member. Their excellent customer service shows that the developers care about their product and clients’ needs.

Moreover, everyone, by choosing PhoneSheriff, gets a list of advantages, including:

  • A highly secure control panel;
  • An excellent product from the experience company founded in 2003 and conducted its business in US;
  • No charges for any hidden SMS;
  • A high-class US-based phone support.

PhoneSheriff Features

  • Monitoring of calls – This feature allow tracking who is calling your kid or employee. In addition, you will be able to watch through all the contacts, phone numbers and time of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Monitoring of SMS – This option allow watching every text and multimedia SMS conversation that occurs on the target phone. The service enables to capture messages with all the content, including video, audio and photo.

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  • Anti-abduction – Being activated from the PhoneSheriff Control Panel, this feature provides user with a possibility to track your child or your employee’s path on Google Maps. It can also record surroundings’ audio, so you will be aware what is going on near the phone’s user.
  • Panic alert – The target device gets its SOS button, which can be used in the case of emergency. It enables the target user to get in touch with you in seconds. Moreover, with the button pressed, the GPS details will be sent to you as well.
  • Messages receiver – This option lets user to record all the messages, directed and received, within the popular messengers, as WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM, etc.
  • GPS location tracking – With this PhoneSheriff feature you will be aware of the exact location of the target phone. It will be shown on Google maps, in real time. You can also track the target device via particular perimeters.
  • Watching of multimedia files – This special PhoneSheriff feature allow user watching and copying every photo and video on the target phone.
  • Internet activities’ monitoring – The entire history of the web use will be known to you by the means of PhoneSheriff software. The app will provide you with the list of all visited URLs, and will let you to put restriction on particular websites (adult sites).
  • Instantaneous monitoring – One of the newest features of PhoneSheriff that allow GPS tracking of the target device in real time. You need to press only the refresh location button on the Control Panel in order to get the current GPS details of the monitored device.
  • Instant notices and alarms – This PhoneSheriff feature lets the user to get the instant notices and alarms when your employee or children uses bad language. You will also be notified, when wrong SMS directives or an incorrect phone pin is typed repeatedly.
  • Observing calendar events and address book – With this feature you will get access to the memory of the target phone, including calendar activities and the whole information that contains in the address book. This data can be uploaded to the PhoneSheriff server for your observing.

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  • Restriction of applications – The feature lets you to restrict particular applications of the target device, including potentially adult, violent or inappropriate for the target user.
  • Restore and backup – This PhoneSheriff feature allows creating a backup of the entire target phone’s data or restore its standard settings remotely through the parents control panel.
  • Receiving emails of child phone logs – You will receive the target phone’s activity logs straight to your email.
  • Monitoring mobile data usage – Using this particular feature, you will be able to view mobile data usage of the target device and all of its internet usage related facts.
  • Remote uninstallation – An uninstallation of the programm can be easily held remotely from your control panel.
  • Multiple device running – This parents phone software feature can be used in order to observer numerous platform devices, and to record on a steady basis and view their activities.
  • Restriction activity – With this tracker you can phone monitor and lock your employee or children’s devices at a particular moment of time or selectively limit messaging, browsing and calling options.

What is the price for PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriff can provide its customers with numerous pricing plans. You may choose between a one-time charge that costs of $79 or lifetime license.

Moreover, you can choose from the following packages:

  • Checking packages for parents and parental control:

6 months license – $49; single-year license – $89.

  • Checking package and employee control:

Single-year license – $299.

You can provide the payment using all main credit cards and PayPal.

Where to buy PhoneSheriff?

In order to guarantee you get all the essential features of PhoneSheriff, and at the best price, always buy PhoneSheriff only from an authorized website.

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