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Taking into account the immense number of phone detective apps it is hard to find the tool that fits exactly your needs. Yet the reverse phone detective app that is presented here stands above every competition. This concise but informative cell detective review will instruct you on everything you need to know about the detective tool features and opportunities you may get.


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Most Accurate Reverse Phone Lookup Ever

The new-generation reverse phone spy offers an impressive functionality yet is extremely convenient and simple to use. No need to be tech savvy to launch it on the phone – and you get the result in mere 30 seconds of search.

Range Of Detective Phone Services:

The phone detective is equipped with majority of features necessary to track phone owners data, whether they are private or public. Features will provide you with a full picture of phone owners activities. They are all included into a single package.

Support staff

Help is always at hand. The app’s very own team is properly trained and eager to settle any issues you might have. Just reach out to them, and they will guide you and facilitate your use of this detective software equipment in the best matter possible.


The one negative point about the app mentioned in the reverse phone reviews is that it operates within US contacts and data only. Despite that, the data accuracy is unprecedented and gets regularly updated.

Brief Tour Through Reverse Phone Spy

The tool works in a reverse direction and retrieves and reveals the phone owner details using only the phone number. The apps browses its own database which contains a good deal of information about private persons and business entities that you might want to know. The database is stored online.

Is the procedure discreet? Will this search results be stored anywhere?

Yes, the procedure is fully discreet and anonymous. No one can access search results but you.

An important point is red that you can check for free if the reverse detective tool works and has a huge database.

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Give Me Reasons Why I Should Use The Detective Tool

The most common cases of necessity are:

  1. A call from a new number that wakes you up late at night. When you get such a call you definitely want to know the address of a caller to contact him in response. Besides you might find some useful information in the caller’s background to know more about this person.
  2. Your kid exchanges messages an unknown person. The situation is disturbing so it is really worth running a check on possible criminal background of this person.
  3. You might need to know if the details provided to you by a person are available and real. You can do a reverse search a name and phone number and these people will not hide their true identity behind the fake one. Everytime you wander if a person you meet is reliable you can do quick search and the app will do its job.
  4. Sometimes reverse checking a new friend or a neighbor is also good thing. Check their record discreetly and be calm about your environment.
  5. You can also run check of your own  record. You may be astonished to see so many things related to you that can be found in a database.

How Do I Conduct a Lookup With Help Of Reverse Phone Number Spy?

You can run a  trial search at no cost on the web page of the app. Just type in the phone number and the tool will deliver results.

The free report will provide only some basic data.

You will get information about GPS location, used model phone and date of search.

You can run as many searches as you want. However the full available data will be provided to you only after registration. Registration means that your you will pay for the access. You will complete the purchase in only a minute. Clickbank guarantees disputing security of transaction.

To buy access to full information about a person:

– Pay the access sum.

– Enter some basic info about yourself – and you are full-fledged registered user.

Your bank statement will show transaction as „CLKBANK*COM“.

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What’s In The Full Reverse Lookup Record?

Now that you have acquired full membership you will be provided with full report that shows the full spectrum  of information about a person. Among others it includes:

Among others it includes:

  1. Official name
  2. Complete residential address
  3. Used type of line (whether mobile or landline)
  4. Phone company (carrier)
  5. Precise GPS location
  6. Previous addresses and places of accommodation
  7. Possible family connections
  8. Possible are the phone numbers
  9. Neighbors
  10. Criminal record of a person
  11. Profiles in social networks

These are only few of all reverse detective means that will facilitate search for information about  an individual or a company.

Is the Price for the Detective Tool High?

It depends on the option you will make up your mind for.
Value for Money PhoneDetective
Phone Detective Pro with full premier membership costs $29.95. But in this case you can make unlimited number of information lookup during one year. Another option is that you just purchase full lookup information for one number. It costs less, namely $9.95. Considering what the tool offers it is definitely the best bargain on the spy app market.

What if I am disappointed with this reverse phone lookup spy quality?

First you may refer to the app’s own support team. They will try to settle the issue to your best satisfaction.

Otherwise, if the cell phone detective does not create for you the report according to the given number, you are entitled to full reimbursement of your funds spent on the product.

For you it’s a bulletproof bargain deal, you are the winner anyway.

Summary Note

In this one of many cell detective reviews we provided all the info necessary for you to make a good choice and buy the cell phone lookup spy that will match your needs. So do not hesitate and run free trial to see that this cell phone detective truly creates a small but real identity  lookup portfolio after the number you entered. You will be more than pleased to see the results and purchase this powerful spy software.

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