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mSpy is a special cell phone spying software application, which is often used by numerous users. The app can be simply downloaded and installed on the target tablet PC or a smart phone in order to check and track all the owner’s activities and movements. Once successfully installed, mSpy will be untraceable and start operating immediately. Recording the phone activities is the key task for the app. All the collected data and information will be directed to your account. You will get no problems with logging into your account online by means of any device linked to the Internet. Moreover, you can do it at any time you want, 24/7. mSpy is a great tool of monitoring and mobile phone tracking activities. It is easy and convenient to install and in use. There is a big number of devices on which it can be used: Windows based phones, BlackBerrys, devices that operate on Android and iOS, Symbian phones, iPhones and iPad tablet PCs.

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Some useful mSpy features

Over past few years, spying software has gained a big number of new useful features. While some years ago it was unable to reach someone’s text messages, current spyware made it possible. Moreover, nowadays-new technologies added some important features.

  • History of calls – All received and outgoing calls will be available for you by means of mSpy monitor software, in addition, even in chronological order. All information about received and ended calls from the target phone will be provided for you. The precise time and timespan of every call will be known as well.
  • Recording the surroundings – An exclusive feature of mSpy app. One of the key features to which the app’s users are happy to have access. You will get a unique possibility to hear everything that occurs in the surroundings of the target phone. Therefore, you will be aware of what the target phone user is about to do. You will know everything said around the target phone by the means of this particular feature.
  • Text messages reading – All directed and received text messages will be cached by the application and guided to your account. It includes all outgoing and received messages. You will gain an access even to those messages that were previously deleted. You will be able to reach all the information about people who have been sending messages on the target phone, and to whom the text messages were sent. The software will allow you getting numbers of phones of the mentioned people as well.
  • Tracking of location through GPS – With mSpy software you will be aware of the precise location of the monitored phone. It will be shown on Google maps, in real time.
  • Reading of e-mails – This special monitor software’s feature allow users reading both received and outgoing e-mails on the checked phone.
  • Internet activities’ monitoring – The entire history of the web use will be known to you by the means of mSpy software. The mspy app will provide you with the list of all visited URLs.
  • Incoming calls’ restriction – Every user can confine calls from the certain number by using mSpy software. Therefore, it is the top function, especially when you need to check on your kids or employees.

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  • Direct messages and chat records’ reading – Recording of the prompt activities, chats and dialogs carried out on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber is possible with mSpy software.
  • Keylogger – This special feature of mSpy software will allow you capturing the text typed in all apps, emails, chats and visited websites on the checked phone. Knowing how to use it properly, you will be able to collect all necessary details, logins, and messages, even search expressions and some other data, which lets you to comprehend what target-user is planning to do. In the same time, currently this valuable feature is available only for android devices.
  • Gaining access to calendar and address book – With this spyware you will get entrée to the memory of the monitored phone, including calendar data and the whole information that contains in the address book.
  • Invisible and undetectable – mSpy software does his job on the highest level. Besides, while caring out his main functions, the spyware stays invisible and undetectable. No icon connected to the mSpy software’s operating will be shown on the screen of the phone.
  • Videos and pictures’ viewing – One of the top functions of mSpy software, as it gives the ability to undetectably view all the videos and photographs made or received by the target phone.
  • Recording of the phone calls – Another great function of the software is remote recording of both calls received and made by the target phone. You can listen to the recording by using Control Panel or by downloading on your PC. Meantime, in the case, when the device you want to track is iPhone, it must be jailbreaked, as this is the only appropriate way to install the spy app.

How to set up and manage the mSpy software properly?

If you have plans to install properly the mSpy software facing no extra difficulties, you must have the target phone in your hands (physically). This will be first and single time for you to get the device. Furthermore, the mSpy application, once it is installed, will do the whole job itself. The checking of the target device and downloading of the composed data will be available from your account remotely.

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The target user will never be aware of you spying on him or her. In order to get the software, once providing the payment, confirm it via your e-mail notification. Using the link from the e-mail, you will get access to your mSpy software Control Panel. You can use the instruction you will find out in the mSpy software’s Control Panel after entering pertinent details.

After the successful installation, the software will start operating on the target phone immediately. From the moment and on, you will be able to look through all the collected date by simply logging into the Control Panel. You will not need to stay close to the target device; all manipulations will be provided remotely.

What kind of payment mSpy require?

You can easily carry your once-a-month payment by using as popular American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards, and PayPal, Diners Club card, Novus, Discover, Fax and JCB, together with bank / wire transfer as well.

Is it necessary while installing mSpy to have physical access to the checked phone?

Yes, it is necessary. For proper installing of the mSpy software, you must have physical access to the checked phone, at least once. The entire procedure of installation will not take longer than ten minutes, so this is the must time for you to place the app on the target phone.

Will it be possible to notice any mSpy fees on the checked phone’s bill?

No, as the checked phone’s bill shows only the overall data used. mSpy software’s tag will not appear anywhere on the bill of the target phone.

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Is mSpy a genuine company? Does the company have customer support?

I was not sure whether it is a real company or not, before I purchased the this monitor cell tracker. After buying and installing the app, I found out it to be a fantastic tool. Moreover, I found out more about the company. It is the great company, which has offices both in the UK and US They have an excellent customer support, with a live chat on their website. The official support is 24/7. The time for reaching an answer is almost instant.

How much money does mSpy software cost?

mSpy software’s cost depends on different price plans. The one, three, six or twelve months’ plans are available. In the same time, price will be always lower, if you choose the longer subscription. On my opinion, six months premium subscription is the best choose for those who want to use the app in the first time.
Basic: 1 month – $33,99; 6 months – $67,99; 1 year – $113,04;
Premium: 1 month – $74,09; 3 months – $135,14; 1 year – $225,24;
Bundle Kit: 1 month – $96,04; 3 months – $152,99; 1 year – $259,24.
Value for Money mSpy
The pricing details of each and every plan available at the time of this cell tracker review’s writing are following.

From where should I buy mSpy software?

Buy mSpy software only from the authorized site in order to get its wide-ranging version. This is exactly how you will gain the access to the Control Panel and its best facilities.

mSpy Review Conclusion

Knowing on my own experience how using of mSpy software gives a bunch of advantages, I can recommend this spy tool as one of the top spyware. Everyone has its main reasons for installing the spyware, whether to track children or employees’ movements or getting some useful information. No matter of the reason, mSpy software will be the best tool for monitoring and tracking other person’s device.

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5 thoughts on “mSpy”

  1. Michael Sellton says:

    Another advantage of this platform is special feature, so called mAssisitance. It costs additional fee, but instead you get your target device jailbroken and have no difficulties with Mspy installation.

  2. Michelle Levano says:

    Hi, I need an advice. I’ve 2 kids, so I’m going to monitor 2 devices at the same time. Can I use Mspy for both of them? Or maybe I have to buy this app twice?

  3. John Goldberg says:

    I think you should buy two packages. It is the may how this spy app works. One program is compliant only with one target device. So you need to buy one package and transfer the license to another for spying. It will help you to save money for one product. Or it’s better to buy two licenses and spy on both devices at the same time.

  4. Annie says:

    Hi, developers of Mspy! I am from Australia and would like to use your app here. But I’ve got several questions. Would it work here, in Australia with no bugs? Is it okay for mAssistance that I’m in different time zone? I’m very looking forward for your answer.

  5. Ashton says:

    I’m a dad of 2 children. My daughter is 11 years old and my son is 13. They are very young, but I need to be in touch with all the information they face with every day. When I was choosing spy software I put much attention to media files spying, including audio, pictures, and video. By this reason I did choose Mspy. This app totally matches all my goals. I believe every parent should be an invisible help for their children, so I do recommend Mspy.

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