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THE GOOD – The best No-Jailbreak program of any spy app I have tested. No access needed! Fast and powerful. You can’t lose!

THE BAD – Doesn’t have the prettiest User Panel, but who cares? The darn thing gets the info you need!

I will review a monitoring program called Highster mobile. Although there are numerous Highster mobile reviews on the web, I would like to make this one as much detailed and full as possible to answer all possible questions. It should be mentioned that this software works on different platforms and can be installed on an iPhone or any Blackberry or Android device. One important detail is that the target phone should be updated to the last version of its OS. If you install Highster mobile software on the previous version of mobile device and then upgrade it to the latest one, the spy software will be automatically deleted.

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Before installing phone software, to check its compatibility with the mobile phone. You can check it yourself on the official website at highstermobile.com or contact the customer support and ask them to clarify this issue. It is a crucial thing to do before you install the program. The spy software may work incorrectly or some features will be unavailable for you if the target phone doesn’t support it.

Important! Need to Know

If you are going to install the software on the Apple device, you should jailbreak it first. It is obligatory for all iOS devices without exception. For Android gadgets, rooting is not mandatory, but only some basic features will work correctly, while the advanced features will be also unavailable as in case with Apple smartphones. That’s why if you want to receive the full package of features you need to root the target Android mobile phone. It is preferable to do it even if you are only interested in basic package of features because there is still a small possibility that something may work badly if the gadget is not rooted.

First Steps. Installation Process.

In this Highster mobile review I will provide a few methods for installing this spy program on the device that you plan to monitor. Choose the one most suitable for you. I tried them all and I can say for sure that they all work well.

The first method is the most common and probably the simplest one. Open your browser and search for the company’s name. Just type highstermobile.com and click the first link, it will lead you to the official website. Once you get there, click the big Buy button and after you pay for the program, you will receive a link for download.

The second method requires usage of a barcode scanner. It is probably already installed on your smartphone. If not, you can download this app, it is absolutely free. Once you have it, scan the QR code with this app and the download of Highster mobile will begin.

The third method is a bit old school, but it still works well. You can transfer the files that you have already downloaded from your PC, laptop or any other device to the target phone via a USB cable. Some people find this method more comfortable than others, despite the longer time it may take.

The fourth and the last method are to transfer the files using Bluetooth connection.

All these methods are good, so you have something to choose from.

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How Does Highster Mobile Work?

Now, my Highster mobile review has reached the point when I will explain you how it all works. Let’s go through the entire process step by step. Purchasing the program will provide you with a message containing a link for download. Make sure it doesn’t contain any malware. The company has been active for many years and it is interested in long-term cooperation with you. Beside a link, you will also get a username, a password, and a license key. All these are necessary to install the program on the cell phone you plan to monitor. Later, you can change your username and password, but in the beginning make sure you don’t delete the message or lose the information provided in it.

When you have Highster mobile software installed on the device which has to be monitored, use the received username and password to log into your account. Any device can be used for this purpose; it can be your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone. The only mandatory thing is the Internet connection and a web browser. You can see all information you want about the target user’s device at your control panel. The program works in the following way. The tracked information from the device is transferred to the company’s server and stored there. At your control panel, you receive access to the server and view all messages, phone call logs, browser history etc. You can access it any time and at any place, the only requirement is a good internet connection.

Is This Software Worth the Money?

This must be the first question that comes into mind after reading any of Highster mobile reviews. My answer is YES. My own experience proves that this program offers effective monitoring solutions that can satisfy both individual and business needs. Let me list the advantages of this software comparing to other tracking programs.

  • There are no basic and advanced packages. The majority of spy tracking companies offer basic package where they offer some simple features and the advanced package with really great tools. The advanced package costs at least twice more and the majority of clients want those advanced tools. The Highster mobile software doesn’t have such division and you receive all features at once;
  • Only one time payment. There is no regular subscription fees that need to be paid on monthly basis. You pay only once. That’s all, no hidden additional payments;
  • Application is always hidden. Some mobile spy companies do not provide this function. In such case, if the spy app is visible to a user, it cannot be effective since the user knows that he is monitored. This feature is very handy if you need an app to control your kids, but don’t want to inform them about it because they definitely will be against it;
  • Installation process is very intuitive and fast. Customer support can guide you through every step should you face any problems.

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What Features Do I Get?

Unlike other Highster mobile Reviews I will not provide the long list of all features available in this software. I will focus on the most frequently used ones and the most demanded among users. The full list you can always find on their official website. So, here are the features that deserve most attention.

  • Read text messages. This gives access to all text messages, received and sent, and even the deleted ones. Besides, you can monitor chats on Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and other messenger applications;
  • Track call logs. You get an opportunity to know about all calls that were made or received. Besides, you can also record the phone call and store it on the server or download to your computer, laptop or any other device;
  • View images. Now all images, photos, selfies, and other types of files are open for you. View them all and store if you want;
  • Track current location. Due to GPS location feature you will always be aware about the user’s current location;
  • View an Internet browser history. You will know about websites that a user visits. Besides, you can block the unwanted ones. Highster mobile tracker allows granting the user access to some websites with certain exceptions. It is a very useful feature for parents who want to ensure that their kids don’t visit wrong websites;
  • Delete apps remotely. This feature allows removing any app from the target device. The biggest advantage of this feature is that you can do it remotely;
  • Lock the phone. This Highster mobile spy feature allows you to remotely lock the user’s mobile phone when you want and unlock it when you see fit. This function will be especially useful for parents who want to implement total control over their kids’ phones.

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Now we have finally come to the issue which every user is eager to know. So, how much should you pay for mobile highster spy application? The good news is there phones you buy the program and it becomes yours without any extra or hidden fees. That’s what I like the most in the policy of this company.
iPhone: $69,99+Extended Download Warranty $29,99+Premium Support Package $129,97 = $129,97
Value for Money Highster Mobile IPhone
Android: $69,99+Extended Download Warranty $29,99+Premium Support Package $129,97 = $129,97
Value for Money Highster Mobile Android

Can I Trust Them?

Indeed, every wise customer should ask this question and my answer is yes, you can. I am so sure in this is because you can try their demo version first which is absolutely free. Demo version of this software doesn’t include all features and it lasts only a short period of time. Nevertheless, it will be enough to check how the program works and whether its functions work as described. If it were a scum company, they would not provide such opportunity to you. In addition, they have a very nice refund policy which predetermines requesting your money back if you don’t like the program or in case it doesn’t satisfy your needs or expectations. So, I would call it a proof that they really care about their reputation and customers’ satisfaction.

You can find Highster mobile free download link for demo version on their official website.

Summing Up

My conclusion is that mobile Highster app is a perfect choice for both parents and employers who want to receive the fullest package of monitoring features at a reasonable price. The program has everything you need for the effective tracking of mobile devices and it is available on all popular platforms. Besides, it has a lifetime subscription so you only pay for the program once. Customer support is very friendly and attentive to all your needs. You can contact them at any time and they will assist you with any issue. My opinion is that this mobile spy app is the best choice that exists today in the market and you will not regret about this purchase. The company has been operating for many years and there are hundreds of positive feedback from customers who have already tried it and use till the present day. If you value your time and money, don’t waste them on other monitoring solutions. Use Highster mobile app and get the extended monitoring opportunities.

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2 thoughts on “Highster Mobile”

  1. Mark says:

    Dear developers! I want to say my sincere thanks for your software. Several months ago I decided to divorce with my wife. I suspected she has another man. Besides, I have even a proof: she got calls and hide it from me. But then my friend recommended me to try Highster Mobile. I did install in on my wife’s phone and understand how wrong I was. All this time she was preparing a birthday party with my friends. So thanks to Highster Mobile I did rescue my marriage.

  2. Alison says:

    I have been married before, so this time my boyfriend proposed me I wanted to collect all information about him. I didn’t really want to divorce for the second time. So I installed Highster Mobile on his smartphone and started monitoring calls, messages, and browser history. And I found a lot of useful information that prevent me from such a mistake like getting married with kept man. I saw that he communicated with other women, exchanged juicy stories, and said no word about me. Now I’m single, but happy. It is much better than to be cheated.

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