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FlexiSpy is a monitoring program, one of those that are installed on a mobile device to track the activity of the gadget’s user. This software offers an impressive number of services with effective spy opportunities. Some of the basic features of FlexiSpy software include: the ability to read instant messages; track the call logs; view images and other files, stored and transferred; receive information about the current GPS location, and some others. This program works on the majority of platforms and is compatible with all devices.

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My Opinion. What I Think About FlexiSpy Software

Many FlexiSpy Reviews that you can find on the web say that this software is one of the top tools for monitoring a mobile device. I agree that it is a good solution, though the price is a bit higher comparing to other mobile spy apps providers. Besides, FlexiSpy is not one of those companies which offer constant changes or improvements. They are quite stable and regular modification is not their strong feature.

Nevertheless, the services provided by this company are still good. The quality of features is high and even if you think you’ll overpay for them, they are really worth the money because I didn’t face any problems or technical difficulties using this software. Everything works exactly as it is described. So, I can rate them with 5 stars for performance; they are the best in providing quality monitoring functions.

What Bothers Me the Most?

Most people who write FlexiSpy reviews try not to discuss the invasion of privacy. Usually, mobile spy programs introduce themselves as a legal way of monitoring kids or employees. Indeed, as a parent, you have a full right to control your child in any way you want, even by installing spy software on their mobile device. Whether it is moral or not, is up to you to decide but many parents would agree that safety of there is their main priority.

In case of business needs the situation is even easier. You can monitor your employees’ activity if you have informed that their corporate gadgets are spied on. It is a common practice used by all renowned companies which want to ensure that their employees really do their work well and don’t spend hours on the social networks or playing mobile applications. Besides, it is also a good method to protect the company’s private information from the third parties. In other words, this app has everything that can prevent corporate espionage. The advantage of this method is that your employees cannot delete phone spy programs unlike your kids. So, once the program is installed, you should not worry about its operation.

However, many of those who want to install FlexiSpy software are interested in using its functions for spying on husbands/wives or boyfriends/girlfriends. In this case, the usage of monitoring software is an illegal practice because you would be invading a person’s privacy. Even being in a marriage doesn’t give you a right to spy on your spouse, it is still deemed illegal.

This issue is usually not discussed in FlexiSpy Reviews and some people purchase the program and find out afterwards that what they are doing is illegal. So, I am your pointing your attention at the terms of privacy one more time. Read about it on their official website flexispy.com or clarify with the customer support what you can do and what is forbidden by the law.

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Features You Receive

FlexiSpy is not a company which offers new features every day while wiping the old ones. That’s why they have such an incredible range of functions that they can offer you. Here, you can find over 150 different softwares features. Many of them are unique, you will not meet them in any other mobile spy company. In my FlexiSpy review I will only introduce some of them because it describing them all would make such a long topic it would scare you off. So, what you get is:

  • Message monitoring. You can read both sms text messages and chats on social networks like Facebook or messengers as Viber or WhatsApp.
  • Tracking phone calls. Besides the standard information about time and duration of the call, you also receive an opportunity to listen and even to record the phone call. Such feature is not present in many phone monitored apps of rival companies.
  • Listen to the phone surroundings. This is a very exclusive and useful feature because it turns the mobile phone’s microphone as a bug and transmits everything that is happening around it.
  • GPS location. You can track the current location of a mobile phone using GPS location tracking feature. Now, you will be always aware about places the target visits during a day.
  • Compatibility. FlexiSpy software is available for all Android and Apple devices. It can be installed both on smartphones and tablets.

These are only some basic features that you receive, the full list can be found on their website flexispy.com. Visit it to read more about opportunities that you receive buying this software. I know this app promises a lot and one cannot resist wondering “Does FlexiSpy work?” Put all your suspicions aside, all these features are fully functioning.

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Quality Customer Support

Many mobile phone tracking companies provide very poor customer support. Sometimes you need to wait a few days for an answer. It is really annoying, especially when you are having difficulties installing the program or a certain feature doesn’t work. When you buy mobile phone tracker, you can leave all those fears behind. Customer support is very helpful here and they always answer very fast. If you are confused and wonder “How does app work?” they will guide your through every step and explain every aspect in details. I intentionally checked it to ensure that a user can expect a full answer in case of any problems.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day; besides, they have a live chat. So, once you ask a question, you will receive an answer within a few minutes. Besides, you can visit their website at flexispy.com and find answers to the most frequently asked questions there. They have a FAQ section with more than 100 questions. There is a big chance you will find your answer there.

Another feature that I really like about this company is that they make a full refund without any questions. If you don’t like the program or it doesn’t satisfy your expectations, you can request a refund.  You do not have to give a detailed answer why you want your money back and provide some arguments to get at least part of your money. That is not how this company works. Once you request a refund, your money will be returned to you with 100% certainty. But be careful, you can do it only within the mentioned period of time. Clarify this information before making a purchase.

Prices for Flexispy

Value for Money Flexispy

  • 1 month – $68;
  • 3 months – $99;
  • 1 year – $149.


  • 3 month – $199;
  • 1 year – $349.

My Conclusion

Summarizing this review, FlexiSpy is indubitably one of the best companies in mobile monitoring business that exist today. I will rate them with four stars out of five possible. Why four and not five? It’s because this software is notably expensive than an average one in the market, though it is really worth every penny. I can assure you that FlexiSpy works exactly as it is described in my article or on the official website. If you think I am simply telling some fairy tales trying to promote the software, go ahead and try it yourself; you can always get a refund if it doesn’t satisfy your expectations. However, I bet that once you try FlexiSpy you will not want to switch it with any other spying program. It has everything you need for comprehensive monitoring and is worth the money.

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2 thoughts on “FlexiSpy”

  1. Henry Last says:

    Thanks to Flexispy I’ve got an opportunity to monitor my colleagues’ emails and history in browser. So now I always know how hard they work at the moment. But the most helpful advantage was cheater detection. I did find several people who sent our corporate data to third people. They were fired and our business start growing much quickly.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    With my spouse we adore to travel. Though we have 3 kinds it was kind of difficulty recently. Then we hired a housekeeper and started using Flexispy. Now we are free to travel as we like and have no worries about our children. We are sure that they are safe and don’t spend time with wrong content in the Web. Both I and my husband are very nervous if it is about our kinds, so this spy software became a real magic wand for us. Thanks!

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