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This eScan review will guide you through main characteristics and benefits of the Android security app.

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Easy To Use: the application has intuitive interface to help you protect your Android device efficiently.
Multilanguage Interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Netherlands, Turkish, Romanian, Japanese, Vietnamese as well as Latin Spanish.
Customer Care: you can get help by sending a request to your professional support team.
Excellent Performance: eScan Security is a powerful multifunctional tool for Android that will provide 100% safety for gadget users and data stored.

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Comparatively high price of eScan Pro. Yet it is justified by sublime performance of Android tracking tool.

What can eScan Security do on mobile phones?

eScan Mobile Security can do practically anything to ensure privacy, data security and phone protection amidst thousands of cyberthreats. The application protects the data if the device is lost by its owner,   allows tracking its location, includes parental control option and enables remote device block by means of SMS. For example, if a device was stolen, just SMS to it and your phone or tablet will destroy the stored data, raise alarm, block itself or help track itself via GPS.

If someone will try to unlock the smartphone unsuccessfully twice, eScan mobile will take a snapshot of a perpetrator and send it to the provided email. As mentioned, GPS will track the device closely in case of emergency, SIM alert will notify you that SIM was replaced. Even simple  device shaking can save your life: shake the phone 3 to 5 times and send SOS message to a predetermined contact in the phone. Pressing the power button will create the same effect.

>Why would I need eScan Security for Mobile?

Because the application eScan Mobile (and its premium eScan Pro version) actually provides you with total control over security of your Android phone or tablet, including children protection and anti-theft solution.

The eScan Mobile / eScan Pro solution includes:

Antivirus/Antimalware: the feature that keeps cyber threats off and puts a block on them, performs regular scanning and maintains the gadget safe and sound.

Call and SMS Monitoring: content management function that filters SMS and calls through Blacklist and Whitelist.

Anti-Theft Feature: ensures data erasure, mobile phone block, SIM change monitoring and GPS location tracker functions.

Backup Of Contacts:  copies and preserves contact lists/SMS on a memory card.

App Control: allows access to certain preset application list only.

Privacy Monitor: shows what app requests the gadget permission.

Parental Control: denies access to specified sites and apps and allows block of unwanted ones.

Personal Safety: sends SOS and the device positioning data (Latitude, Longitude) to a number of a person you have chosen.

Share App: you can share the app with other people via email or Bluetooth.

Widget for eScan Mobile / eScan Pro: indicates Anti-theft Status, provides quick Scan and Update functions, access to Call log and to device settings.

Lock Watch or Block Protection:  If someone will try to lift the block on the device unsuccessfully twice, the frontal camera will take a snapshot of a perpetrator and send it to the provided email.

Efficient Support: the support staff is available 24/7, free of change, through chats, emails and forums.

Preplanned Scanning: set the time for the next scan conveniently.

Multilanguage Interface: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Netherlands, Turkish, Romanian, Japanese, Vietnamese as well as Latin Spanish.

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What does installation look like?

eScan Main Menu
Main Menu

eScan Anti-virus Screen
Anti-virus Screen

eScan Call and SMS Monitoring
Call and SMS Monitoring

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eScan Review Technical info:

SysReq for your device

– Device OS: Android 2.2 or newer

– Disk Space: 10- 15 MB (Updates included)

– Internet connection needed

Current Version:

Warning: is not suitable for ROOTED gadgets.

How Do I Install eScan Pro?

It is as easy as pie.

  1. a) Find it in the Google Play.
  2. b) Download the .apk file here: You need to save it first and then install it on the mobile

Activation Process

To use the mobile product, you need to activate it first. Activation key can be purchased together with eScan Pro or emailed to you later.

– SMS or Internet activation is possible. SMS way is longer as it takes up to 48 hours, and Internet way is fast and easy.

– one Activation key is for one device only.

While launching the security application for the first time, you need to provide following data:

– Activation license key

– your name

– preferred email

– your country

Free use of the app is also possible, it is trial two-week period. While registering in the trial version, provide your activation details and click online activation button. No Activation key is required in this case.

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Administrator Rights Adjustment 

Some functions require that the security app has administrator rights. These functions are:

Security Code

It is a password that comprises between 4 and 16 digits. You will set it during the first launch of the application. It will be asked during every launch to turn off  the block and run the gadget.

Retrieving The Security Code

If you forget or lose it you can have it sent to your email. So please provide your valid email during registration.
Price for eScan for 1 year is $61.95.
Value for Money eScan

Antivirus Feature

Antivirus will protect your device from viruses and other potentially harmful software. It will monitor freshly installed or downloaded programs to block threats and to keep the phone safe and clean.

Scheduled or automatic scanning and updating are possible.

Scanning means that you can:

– run Full Scan – monitor all files/folders on the memory card and device itself

– run folder Scan – monitor folders you specify

– run Memory Scan – monitor everything installed directly in the gadget memory

Updating the antivirus means that you will have the latest version providing the utmost security. You need Internet to perform Update.

Call and SMS Monitoring

eScan Mobile allows monitoring SMS and calls received on the phone and set the contacts, words, keywords and whole phrases to which block or permit will be assigned.

How to launch Call and SMS Monitoring:

– In the main menu tap on menu ‘Call and SMS Filtering’

– Select Mode section. The list of filtering options will be displayed.

– Enter the data you need:

This Mobile application enables you to create black lists of phone numbers and block SMS and calls incoming from these numbers. You can specify keywords and text that require block action. You can also create white lists that will specify allowed numbers that calls and SMS can be received from.

In the Additional tab of Call and SMS Filter section you can look through Event log. It is here that all SMS and calls under block are shown.

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Parental Control

This feature means that on the Android device no one will access a filter-specified site  or mobile app. Only you determine what content is accessible to kids.

How to use the function:

  1. a) In the security app main menu tap on tab ‘Parental Control’ or on the icon that hides/shows the menu.
  2. b) Select Mode tab (tap on it).
  3. c) In the expanded tab select variants that you need to be applied. When finished, select sites or programs that are eligible to block.

Application Block Feature

To apply it:

– Tap on Parental Control to open it and select Mode. Then select mode ‘Application’ or ‘Both’.

– In the app list tap the ones that need to be blocked (or excluded from the block list).

You can create full Exclusion list and add an app to be blocked to the list.


Websites Block Feature

In this section blocked and allowed websites categories are selected and then displayed. The feature is accessible only for Chrome and Android browsers set as default.

To apply it:

– Tap on Parental Control to open it and select Mode. Then select mode ‘Websites’ or ‘Both’.

– In the list of website categories tap the ones that need to be blocked (or excluded from the block list).

You can create full Exclusion list and add a site category to be blocked to the list.

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Anti Theft Feature

It protects the mobile phone from theft and further unwanted use of your personal data.

The functions that provide protection are:

block of the device ordered by SMS

data erasure – destruction of all data on the phone also commanded by SMS

SIM watch – you receive SMS to another phone number specifying data about new SIM and precise device location

Lock Watch – option of making a snapshot of a person attempting to unlock the mobile gadget without result two times or more

– Alarm/Scream – the mobile device makes alarm noise until unblocked by the security code.  Activation by SMS of the type ‘ scream:secret_code’.

Personal Safety

By SOS message you will alert your family and friends that you need immediate help. The settings are available under tab ‘ Alternate contact’ in Additional section.

Turn Personal Safety On – the feature means that you can send call for help together with GPS details to another number that you enter in setting while enabling the tool in Additional tab.

– Set the SOS text – you can personalize the SOS text message. Just tap on this option and enter the text you want (like ‘Help me!’, ‘I am in danger’, etc.)

– SOS Power Button – it defines how you send the message. Here you set SOS message to be sent after you press the button 3 to 5 times.

– SOS Shake – it defines how you send the message. Here you set SOS message to be sent after you shake the device 3 to 5 times. Then you need to tap ‘Send’ button to confirm the action. It is a block tool against false signaling and causing alarm among your loved ones.

eScan Review Summary

As many an eScan Review shows, this app is the best solution for personal protection and mobile device tracking. It can be used for multiple purposes thus ensuring that you can exercise control over a given mobile phone discreetly (or openly) and prevent any security troubles that may arise out of phone use. And all this is packed into a very lucrative price offer!

NB: Free trial also available.

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