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Appmia is a great spy software program that has all chances to grow into the top spy software on the current market. In the same time, few questions must be answers before saying about the spyware top rating. The most important thing is to know whether it is safe, reliable and worth of paid money. The spy phone software has been through many changes, thanks to this Appmia has become a unique effective product on the current market.

In case you know how any of other spy ware operates, this one will surprise you with its efficiency. Appmia offers many new great features.

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Prices for spy software Appmia

The control center of the company was redesigned. This is the exact place, where once logging into your account you will be able to watch all the tracked and collected information and data. The interface is convenient and user-friendly. There are no difficulties in watching the collected reports. Moreover, you can use it easily even without any additional instructions.

Compatible Phones and Devices

There are many phones and devices, which are compatible with an app, including Android and iPhone devices, Symbian and Blackberry. It is important for device to be connected to the Internet. In the same time, the iPhone must be Jailbroken for phone spyware program to operate properly. Better check the Appmia website to get more information about all features provided for your phone.

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Monitoring Packages

Appmia provides you with two key packages: Appmia premium with regular features and Appmia Extreme with additional abilities. The premium version of the spyware program includes reading of browsing history, instant messages, emails, looking through calls, websites, bookmarks, video, audio and contacts.

Social Media Services and Chats

There are so many platforms for communication nowadays, still the spyware company used to work with all the most popular services. The covered services include Skype, iMessage, BB Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat and BB Pin.

Advanced Monitoring

With this company, you will get a chance to hear all the surroundings, record calls and catch calls in real time. Because of the StealthGenie case, many companies declined this quite useful feature. Appmia remains to provide this feature, as technically company is not located in US, so it cannot be banned. Meantime, that does not mean you can use the software for some illegal activities.

Does It Work?

You may only face problems with call recording being in the area with poor mobile reception. In other cases, all features are very reliable. In order to use another useful feature, the call intercept, the phone must allow three way calling. Therefore, once target phone allows three way calling, you will be able to connect to the conversation staying invisible.

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Important programs are included into the spy program. For example, the possibility to set up alert for specific phone numbers and keywords is very helpful. Besides, the ability to block, view and uninstall apps is also available.

When you need to upgrade Appmia, you do not need to have the target phone in your hands. After the installation of the app, you can upgrade the software from the control panel. Moreover, you can remotely start, remove and stop the software. The company also offers the password cracker option you can purchase separately, or get free while buying the Extreme package. The password cracker tracks and record important login details, passwords and codes that were entered on the phones. The usernames and passwords of all the social sites and messenger services will be also available with this feature. It can even record the passkey for the phone unlocking. You can also track the phone down in case it was lost with the advanced tracking option.

What Money Back Guarantee Do They Have?

They have a 10-day money back guarantee, so you can try the product and see whether it is useful for you.


Even the Basic version of spyware cost money, its features are worth buying. You will need to pay $29,99 for 1-month subscription, 75,99 for 6-month or $99,99 for a single year subscription. The Premium version will cost $64,99 for a month, $119,99 for 3 months, $169,99 for 6 months, $194,99 for a single year subscription. You will need to pay $599,99 for Lifetime subscription for 1 device or $699,99 for Lifetime subscription for 2 devices. Appmia is accessible and a legal product for buying and using as long as you stay within your country’s law. You can easily monitor employees on company’s phones and your children.

Prices for spy software Appmia

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