A Guide To The Best Free Mobile Spy Software

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Free mobile spy software

Recent years have witnessed a huge spike in spy software online. Thus, it has become a little confusing rummaging through the various features to determine the most suitable one. If you are in this category, this guide is for you. Here, we will provide you with the best software for diverse needs. We will also measure how these free software stack up against top tier premium applications like PhoneSheriff. This guide will also provide you with a few tricks to help you get the most out of your Spy software.

Factors to consider in a free mobile spy software

  1. Undetectable – The best free mobile spy software must be light enough to be undetectable. Any software above 10MB in size is not ideal as it will lead to the target enquiring about space issues. It should also be able to run in the background and consume minimal battery power.
  2. Comprehensive tracking – The best software should keep track of user activities across all social media platforms, including call logs and SMS. It should also provide real-time location tracking with geofencing and sim location data.
  3. Easy to install – The best spy software should be easy to install. It should also not require root access.
  4. Safe – You do not necessarily want your targets information leaking. A good spy software should provide a safe platform to store information without the risk of leakage.

Now, here is the bad news. It would be nice to recommend a free spy software that contains all these features in its free version, but sadly, there is not. All the top spy applications provide one or two of the features mentioned above in their free versions. The best option would be to use premium tools like PhoneSheriff to access all these features at once. However, if coughing out a few bucks for an all-in-one solution does not cut it, there are a few tips and tricks to use.

Getting the most out of your free spy software

The only way to get the most features out of your free spy software is a bit clumsy but practical. Install two spy software on the target device. Installing Spyine and Spyier apps provides you with the most comprehensive tracking you can get from your free mobile spy software. Sadly, you will need to log in to both applications to get all the information you seek. Certainly, two spy applications running on the same device are more likely to be detected. However, this is the only way out for now.