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THE GOOD – Great for Androids and iPhones. No jailbreak needed. No possession needed.

THE BAD – Does not include Geo-Fencing, Viber and BBM.

This is my first Auto Forward review and I will try to share you with all information that I learnt about this monitoring software. This application may seem like a classical monitoring program which offers almost the same features that you can find in any other software. Before buying it, I have checked a lot of Auto Forward articles written by other users. It helps me to define whether the program is really as good as the company claims. Besides, I got to know about some interesting features that captured my attention. One of them is an ability to read the deleted instant text messages and those which are sent or received on social networks. That was a very strong claim since I have already come across mobile spy companies who offered the same, but in practice they failed to provide such service. So, I decided to find out on my own whether Auto Forward topics tell the truth and if I can find all the features working well.

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I purchased the program and tested it on my device. Now I want to share with you my experience with this auto spy program in my Auto Forward Review. I will keep the neutral position telling about all advantages and disadvantages that you receive buying app.

Compatibility with Different Devices

I think there is one thing you should know before we can move forward. If your gadget is not compatible with Auto Forward cell phone monitoring application, you will just have to wait until they release an update. However, you will probably find your mobile device in the list of spy cell phones which support spy program.

Auto Forward works on all Android and Apple devices. Many companies which provide mobile spy solutions require to jailbreak or root the device or it will not work properly. I have read many Auto Forward reviews and they all state that it is not necessary with phone software. I should admit that they were right and this program works well without jailbreaking or rooting. That’s really good news for those who prefer not to do such operations with their gadgets.

How to Start?

Auto Forward phone application is a very simple and user-friendly program. On the official website at they say that it takes you three simple steps to get started.
Value for Money Auto Forward Android
IPhone: 1 month – $29,99; 1 year – $359,98.
Value for Money Auto Forward Android
Android: 1 month – $29,99; 1 year – $359,98.

  1. The first step is to download the program at I don’t recommend you to download it from any other source, especially those which offer it for free or for a lower price. I am totally sure that they are some scum websites that will steal your money and leave you with nothing or give you a link for a malware program. Be careful!
  2. The second step it to enter a license key. This key you receive automatically when you pay for the program. You can find it on your email.
  3. The third step is to install the program on the target devices and start monitoring. That’s all, everything is clear and simple. No jailbreaking or complicating actions during installation process.

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How Does Auto Forward Cell Phone Application Work?

This software creates easy a connection between the target device and the company’s server. By the way, all information and data about the user’s actions is stored on server, not on your device. You can either download it if you want or keep on the server. So, when the connection is established, the program transfers all information about the user’s activity. For example which messages he sends and receives, whom he calls, what websites he visits. You can also get an access to all videos and images that are stored on the user’s device, so nothing will escape from your attention.  The program has a special feature Phone Number Forward Detecting which allows you to view all contacts that are stored on the target phone and the list of phone numbers which have called recently. Auto Forward phone number tool will be very useful for parents who want to protect their kids from unwanted communication. You can even block the phone number if it really annoys you.

Besides I checked the feature that I was talking in the beginning and it really works.  I tested it on an Apple device and managed to extract the deleted text messages. That was amazing because actually I didn’t believe that it was possible. Moreover, I tested GPS tracking and phone recording features and they were also good. Everything worked as it was described at their website

Customer Support Experience

Even though I didn’t require the assistance of customer support I decided to check how it works. I was really impressed when I found out that they have phone support. The majority of spy companies cannot even provide live chat communication and sometimes you need to wait for an answer for a few days. In case of spy Auto Forward application you can talk with a real person which is a HUGE advantage if you cannot deal with some issue.

How Much Does Auto Forward Cost?

There are no subscription fees for this program. You pay only once and receive a full lifetime license with free upgrades. You should not pay additionally for any improvements that the company provides for you. Everything is absolutely free.
The total price for this product is 69.99 dollars and I should admit that it is a really good one, especially considering that you buy a program, not a subscription.

My Conclusion

My verdict is simple and obvious, Auto Forward is one of the greatest monitoring software which I have ever used. It is a perfect solution for a beginner or for an experienced user. The program can satisfy any of your monitoring needs and you will not be disappointed. If you are a worried parent or a businessman who wants to ensure that your employees do their work well, this monitoring software is the best choice for such a reasonable price. Try it and you will never regret this decision.

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